YOKO Higashi

[Language] Japanese only

Would you like to join us on a fun trip to Kanazawa?

I started this job because I had the opportunity to guide visitors to Kanazawa as part of my volunteer activities and I was happy to make customers happy.
I am learning every day so that our customers can enjoy sightseeing comfortably.

Favorite part of my city

Kanazawa City :
A wonderful place to visit old maps. Kanazawa still has old streets from the Edo period.

Favorite travel episode

Ise City :
I visited 125 shrines in Ise. I stayed 9 nights in Ise city and went around by train and bicycle.

Field of expertise (Work)

Sightseeing in Kanazawa, etc.

Field of expertise (Private)

Computer-related job (Web design, Database)

Message from driver

Please let us know where you would like to go and we will accommodate you. Let's have a fun day together.