YUKA Imamura

[Language] Japanese, English

I support what you want to achieve and what you want to do.

I try to support our customers “what I want to achieve” and “what I want to try”.
I want to learn more about sightseeing and become a driver who can make customers happy.

Favorite part of my city

Nonoichi city where I live is said to be the most easiest town in Japan, and Nonoichi's official character "Nocchi" is charming.

Favorite travel episode

Zuiryuji Temple :
A national treasure in Takaoka City had good sculptures and a gate, and it was very nice to feel the connection between the Maeda family and the Kaga clan.

Field of expertise (Work)

History, arts, and crafts of Ishikawa

Field of expertise (Private)

Tour of shrines and temples, Reading manga

Message from driver

Why don't you join us to discover the profound charms of Kanazawa? I look forward to seeing you. sightseeing spots, discover the amazing history and culture and taste delicious Hokuriku food.