Popular Kanazawa Must-See Spot Tour

[ 5Hours ]

7 Must-See spot to visit In the city of traditional and modern Japanese culture

The popular spots that you just can’t miss in Kanazawa are Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa Castle. The Nagamachi Samurai District, where the samurai used to live, and Higashi Chaya District, where geisha performed in traditional teahouses. Fresh seafood at Omicho Fish Market will satisfy your appetite. Myoryuji Temple as known for Ninja Temple will fulfilled your curiosity. In addition, You can immerse yourself modern art from around the world in 21st Century Museum.


Kenrokuen Garden - Kanazawa Castle - Nagamachi Samurai District - Higashi Chaya District - Omicho Fish Market - Myoryuji Temple (Ninja Temple) - 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

  • Kenrokuen
    One of the three most famous beautiful gardens in Japan.
  • Kanazawa
    An Edo-period castle restored with respect for historical facts.
  • Nagamachi
    Samurai District
    The area preserves a historic atmosphere with its remaining samurai residences.
  • Higashi Chaya
    Tea district where geisha entertain customers with songs and dances.
  • Omicho Fish
    A fish market called Kanazawa citizens’ kitchen pantry.
  • Myoryuji
    The temple earned its nickname because of its many deceptive defenses.
  • 21st Century
    Exhibits works of contemporary artists from all over the world.

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