Exquisite Natural Beauty and Traditional Crafts of Kaga Tour

[ 6Hours ]

Feel the atmosphere that have been continued from ancient times to today.

The Kaga area is located between the Hakusan Mountains and the Sea of Japan. This area known for Kutani porcelain wares. Vivid colored pottery called Kutaniyaki attracts many fans from all over the world. Kakusenkei Gorge with its beautiful water and bridge is must-see attraction. Finally, we will take a walk around Natadera temple which has a tranquil atmosphere.


Kutaniyaki Art Museum - Kakusenkei Gorge - Natadera Temple

  • Kutaniyaki
    Art Museum
    The museum exhibits masterpieces of Kutani ware from 350 years.
  • Kakusenkei
    The must-see beautiful gorge in Yamanaka Onsen area.
  • Natadera
    A beautiful temple of the Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism.

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